Only You can determine your Happiness




Have you ever been frustrated because things didn’t work out in your favour? Smile for a second and realize that everyone has been there at one time or the other. I know it may be hard to handle. You made up your mind to achieve something big, and not only that, you set a date for it and eventually it didn’t happen.
It may even be that you expected more from your current job, friend or partner, only for you to be disappointed. Life can be really frustrating at times.

Someone once said, “life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to it.” As humans, we are bound to fail or experience difficulty once in a  while. In the end, being happy  or sad is totally up to you. Long ago, I realised that taking responsibility for my life in its entirety was very crucial if I was going to avoid a life of regret or frustration. I stopped blaming people or circumstances for my failures amd problems. In fact, why should I when people have had it tougher and yet came out victorious.

I recently followed the story of Kechi, a young nigerian lady who was one of two or three survivors of a highly fatal airplane crash that happened some years back. When I read her story and watched her talk, I was moved to tears. Sometimes , I wonder why bad things happen to good people. For her, living with 3rd degree burns has become her life. She had accepted the fact that there was no undoing of what had already been done. Now, she derives her hapiness from within and has inspired many people around the world with her story. Despite her bad experiences, she came out strong and so can you no matter the difficulty you may be going through.

You are fully reponsible for how you take life blows. There is no running away from it. It may not  sound that easy but its the truth. Live a life of happiness and fulfilment and never allow anyone or anything make you feel, act or think less than who you truly are. Material possession or wealth will not even bring happiness. If it did, there will never have been cases of famous people committing sucide. Let your happiness come from within. Live life to the fullest and choose to stay happy