How your world is changing fast

The world is changing fast and you can’t ignore it if you want to remain relevant and achieve your dreams and potentials in life. Things are not the way they were many years ago and many are still not paying attention. The more attention you pay to fast developing technologies, the better for you. When digital technology and internet first came out, many didn’t understand how big it was and what it was going to do. Many companies have paid dearly for their ignorance and many individuals have also been made irreverent and jobless because of this.

We all have cameras on our phones today but back in the day, owning a camera that could give you a fraction of the image quality of what obtains on your android phones today was very expensive. There wasn’t digital then, everything was all about film. One of the foremost film producing companies was Kodak. I remember growing up playing with my dads black Kodak camera that had taken my birthday pictures when I was a year old. Probably that precious childhood experience was what developed my passion to become a photographer today. Lol

There is a general saying that says,” In life, the only constant thing is change. If you refuse to change, you will be made iryourusername. ltually”. That statement became true for kodak. Kodak which was once a multi billion dollar a year earning company felt the impact of change. In February 2012, Kodak filed for bankruptcy. There are several other companies that have been swept away for refusal to adopt new technologies. Let me name a couple of them.

1. BlackBerry
Blackberry was very popular back then but they ignored touch screen based technology when they shouldn’t have. Now the company is a shadow of its former self and they have had to adopt the touch screen approach of android and apple to remain alive (Though they are still a dying company).

2. Yahoo.
When was the last time you used yahoo mail service. We all use gmail today. Isn’t it? But back in the day, yahoo was the king. Am sure many of us used yahoo messenger to chat back then. Today, yahoo is struggling to catch up. They still would have been as relevant as they were if only they didn’t ignore the opportunity of buying Google in 2002. Funny enough, they also failed to acquire Facebook in 2006 because they werent ready to pay the “right” price

yahoo building

There are many examples that you can find out for yourself. The world is changing fast so you better be ready to position yourself to adopt the change to your advantage or be ready to face the consequences later.

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