How I earned My first $3000 online

how I earned My first $1000 online

Have you ever tried a ponzi scheme where you thought you were going to make lots of money only for you to find out that your money is gone. Well, I have been there too. That feeling of loosing money is not something anyone wants to experience again. My quest for online business started when I was in secondary school. It just happened that my classmate and friend introduced me to one website back then. He told me how it worked and that I needed to donate some money to the company through their website. They were into technology related research. we were told to donate and promised a certain percentage of our money as profit periodically.

If you have done ponzi scheme in the past, you would be able to relate to my experience. These kind of schemes have been around for a long time. Anyway, I quickly went online and met someone who sold dollars to me then through liberty reserve. Some of you will remember liberty reserve back in those days. I invested $3. That was like my pocket money for a week. As time went by, my $3 investment was increasing daily by little “peanuts”. I was still excited that my money was working for me. It was as if I was making thousands of dollars daily. One day, I logged into my account as usual to monitor my new earnings for the day and to my shock, the website stated boldly that they were having challenges and disturbances from American government and so they needed to suspend activities for a while. They promised to be back soon. Your guess is as good as mine because that was the last of the company I heard.

I later heard of another one which promised 210% interest on any investment in a week. I also put in $3 to start. My money was growing in my dashboard but to withdraw it was war. Lol. I can’t remember the number of hours I spent in the cyber cafe in those days. I felt discouraged with my inability to cash out. I finally decided to suspend anything called online business.
When I got to the university, I met a guy who later became a close friend. who was an amateur blogger at that time and he earned some few bucks with Google Adsense. The truth is that most bloggers don’t make money Online. Or should I just say that most people don’t know how to make money online. I still wasn’t excited about online opportunities till I finished from school and I made up my mind to be a full time entrepreneur. It’s been an amazing journey and experience ever since. The choice of having to work whenever I choose is amazing. I don’t have to report to any boss or wake up around 4am just to prepare for work. Though most people would love to be independent and write their own pay check. They just dont understand how to go about it.

Here are few tips I gathered on my journey to earning my first $3,000 online

1. You will fail many times.
failure is part of the online business process
My story above shows that failure is inevitable. If you are scared of failure then you will never try and if you dont try, you have become a failure by default. The people that don’t give up after failing are the ones that eventually succeed and earn big online.
Failure doesn’t mean the game is over, it means try again with experience.
Keep trying and keep doing. Keep failing. Eventually you will get it right and change the lives of everyone that you love.

2. Persistentnce is key.
person constantly working to make money online
When I started my online business, I thought I would get results immediately. Sure, there are people who get results fast but those people are are exception. They are like 1 in 100. So you have to keep trying. It happened that the opportunity that earned me my first $3000, took some months before I hit that target.

3. The more you learn, the more you earn.

learning is important in the journey of making money online

One of the greatest discoveries I made is the fact that how literate you are financially is directly proportional to he much you can earn. You can’t earn if you can’t learn. Making money is based on having the right philosophies and practicing the right principles. That’s why I always recommend the book, “Think and grow an Grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. It teaches some amazing money making philosophies.

4. Making money online is about having a system.
The reason why rich people are rich is because they used a system. You can’t earn good money without a system. A system means Save Yourself Stress Energy and Money. Poor people use their physical strength. They don’t understand leverage and the power of team work. Dangote, Bill gates. Donald Trump, Richard Branson etc all understands that a system is key. That’s why they are very rich and successful. I met a guy last year who told me he preferred working with his own hands. He said he disliked anything automated that can generate money. No wonder he is always broke because he can’t work for more than 24hours a day but rich people can create thousands of hours daily with their system. A man who earns from 24 hours of work daily and a man who earns from 1000 hours of work daily, who do you think will earn more?

5 Making money online is smart work.
Hard work is good but smart work is better. How smart you are is not dependent on your educational qualification but your ability to learn online business skills and your ability to be creative online. I have discovered what works and what doesn’t based on the countess hours I have invested. Do you realise that billions of dollars “fly” around the internet per second. So whenever you are on the internet probably chatting with a friend, or you are just updating a status, realize that you are few steps away from monetizing those activities if only you could crack the “internet code”.

6. Making money online leads to financial freedom faster than traditional jobs.
Tree showing doallars. it represent financial freedom
We all have dreams of becoming financially free and living amazing lives. Most people dream big but less people live their dream life. I have discovered that internet businesses provide a shorter pathway to actualizing our dreams. My personal dream is to be able to earn $1 million dollars yearly 5 -7 years from now. I don’t know any paid job that can pay me that right here in Nigeria. I know people who have earned such income cumulatively right here in Nigeria from the few Legit opportunities available in less than 5 years. So if you want to live a life of fun, traveling round the world and enjoying fully paid vacations to exotic locations then you need to brace up and utilize the internet to your benefit.

Soon am going to be writing another post on how I made my first $20,000 online. I have a practical system I use that works that can generate such income monthly. If you would like to know the system, feel free to contact me HERE
Article written by Adedeji Damilare. Feel free to share and comment. I Wish you success as you launch out into the world of endless possibilities.

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