5 ways to overcome Financial Struggle

It is a known fact that most people struggle financially through life. So many factors are responsible for this especally if you live in a third world country like I do, where little care and value is placed on employees and the working population at large. This leads to poor enumeration as well as enslavement in low paying jobs that can bearly sustain an average person.

In fact, there is a possibiliy that you may know somebody struggling financially. Maybe you also have dreams and aspirations that are being sabotaged by fiancial struggles.

Here are 5 simple ways you can overcome financial struggles and move closer to financial freedom:

1. Believe you deserve all the good things of life
My mentor once told me something. He said, ” the quality of your life is determined by what you believe”. I recently saw a man driving an exotic audi car and I immediately said to myself, “you deserve that”. So be careful and delibrate about what you belief and in no time , you will begin to attract great things to your life.

2. Realise that Nobody is going to make you rich– Not long ago, I realised that no one in the world will ever care about me more than I care for myself. Your boss or employers responsibility is just to give you a job and a pay check. You will be the one to stand up and design your financial life. No wonder your boss will never ask you how you are doing financially. You are the architect of your financial life so start drawing the plan.

3. Invest in Financial education– There are so many educated people who are financially illetrate. That is why many leave all critical financial decisions to their friends, and family. The advice I give to people is to read quality books that will improve their financial consiousness.(You can reach out to me to get a list of quality materials in this regard)

4. Have a long term plan– Having a long term plan is very critical to overcoming fianancial struggles especially in the future. It is impossible to arrive at a point of financial freedom without having a blue print to follow through. If your current job or profession doesnt have what it takes to take you to that point of freedom, I believe its time to look inwards and make a change.

5. Learn to Save and Spend Money wisely
Most of what we spend money on are wants not immediate needs. No wonder these highly profitabe companies keep producing newer products that catches our fancy and we keep spending more and more to buy them. We all need to spend but being smart about spending is crucial. To ovecome or escape financial struggle, make sure you are spending far less than you earn while you discover creative ways to expand your income . When you develop a saving culture, it will help you not to miss out on investment opportunities that will come your way in the future.

This article was written by Adedeji Damilare.

I am passionate about success. Am a vast online entrepreneur who trains and helps people to become financially intelligent and free. I have several years experience as a trainer, motivator and business builder who has generated millions of naira in sales ccumulatively. 

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