Only You can determine your Happiness




Have you ever been frustrated because things didn’t work out in your favour? Smile for a second and realize that everyone has been there at one time or the other. I know it may be hard to handle. You made up your mind to achieve something big, and not only that, you set a date for it and eventually it didn’t happen. Read More

5 ways to overcome Financial Struggle

It is a known fact that most people struggle financially through life. So many factors are responsible for this especally if you live in a third world country like I do, where little care and value is placed on employees and the working population at large. This leads to poor enumeration as well as enslavement in low paying jobs that can bearly sustain an average person.Read More

How I earned My first $3000 online

how I earned My first $1000 online

Have you ever tried a ponzi scheme where you thought you were going to make lots of money only for you to find out that your money is gone. Well, I have been there too. That feeling of loosing money is not something anyone wants to experience again. My quest for online business started when I was in secondary school. It just happened that my classmate and friend introduced me to one website back then. He told me how it worked and that I needed to donate some money to the company through their website. They were into technology related research. we were told to donate and promised a certain percentage of our money as profit periodically.Read More

How your world is changing fast

The world is changing fast and you can’t ignore it if you want to remain relevant and achieve your dreams and potentials in life. Things are not the way they were many years ago and many are still not paying attention. The more attention you pay to fast developing technologies, the better for you.Read More