How to Make Smart Money from your Smart phone Globally

Most people spend hours daily online chatting and posting stuffs and literally make no money doing these things. On the contrary , they constantly think of buying data for subscription. Most people cant survive without being online at least even if its whatsapp for three straight days. i remember what happened the other day i was traveling to lagos. A young lady sat beside me and just because she forgot to buy airtime before the cab took off she had so much discomfort and was really unhappy. Her data subscription was out and by her countenance and action you would have seen easily that she wasnt herself.Read More

How I earned My first $2000 online

how I earned My first $1000 online

Have you ever tried a ponzi scheme where you thought you were going to make lots of money only for you to find out that your money is gone. Well, I have been there too. That feeling of loosing money is not something anyone wants to experience again. My quest for online business started when I was in secondary school. It just happened that my classmate and friend introduced me to one website back then. He told me how it worked and that I needed to donate some money to the company through their website. They were into technology related research. we were told to donate and promised a certain percentage of our money as profit periodically.Read More

How your world is changing fast

The world is changing fast and you can’t ignore it if you want to remain relevant and achieve your dreams and potentials in life. Things are not the way they were many years ago and many are still not paying attention. The more attention you pay to fast developing technologies, the better for you.Read More

Do You Desire a better life?

happy lifestyle

When I was in school, I used to be passionate about working for myself such that I used to miss weekend extra lectures back then in OAU just to go and husstle. The best I use to get after 7 hours of husstle was #1500 every weekend. It was very hard but I had no option, because my life depended on it.Read More