Do You Desire a better life?

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When I was in school, I used to be passionate about working for myself such that I used to miss weekend extra lectures back then in OAU just to go and husstle. The best I use to get after 7 hours of husstle was #1500 every weekend. It was very hard but I had no option, because my life depended on it.Read More

How I earned My first $1000 online

how I earned My first $1000 online

Have you ever tried a ponzi scheme where you thought you were going to make lots of money only for you to find out that your money is gone. Well, I have been there too. That feeling of loosing money is not something anyone wants to experience again. My quest for online business started when I was in secondary school. It just happened that my classmate and friend introduced me to one website back then. He told me how it worked and that I needed to donate some money to the company through their website. They were into technology related research. we were told to donate and promised a certain percentage of our money as profit periodically.Read More

Why Most people Don’t Achieve Their Dreams (Part 1)

why most people don't achieve their Dreams by Adedeji Damilare

When I was a little boy, I was a great dreamer. Personally, I believe children are the best dreamers in the world. Usually, they don’t have any negativity in their mind and they believe that they can conquer the world. That is the more reason children love super hero movies like Superman and Batman. One of my dreams as a child was to be a professional footballer. I was so much in love with football that I knew I could be great playing soccer even at the highest professional level.Read More

5 Reasons most businesses fail within 5 years


Having a business is a thing of pride especially when it’s thriving and not managing to survive. It’s not uncommon therefore to hear the phrase, “we are pushing it”- when a business owner is asked, “How is business going?”. Its always a nightmare seeing ones business shut down in the blink of an eye. Just yesterday, i went to an eatery where i normally eat lunch whenever am out on work only to meet the place closed. After asking a couple of guys around, i discovered that the eatery had folded up. The once passionate woman who served me those delicious meals was out of business. I felt a sense of pity thinking i could have done something to save her business.Read More